Below is a list of published and forthcoming books by author, Robin A. Burrows.



Kaylee Nevins and the Dragon Ring
By Robin A. Burrows
: In revision
Release Date: TBD
Genre: Fantasy
Summary:  Kaylee Nevins is the guardian of a ring she does not possess.  When her mother dies, Kaylee is sent to live with her estranged grandmother. She finds a strange ring in her grandmother’s attic and is transported to Azinia - a world where all of her dreams and nightmares could come true. But the ring is stolen and Kaylee must recover it if she ever wants to go home. With the help of a cat boy, a talking robot head, and a man who might know the secret to her father’s identity, Kaylee must find the dragon ring before her father’s enemies find her, or she might end up forever trapped in the wondrous and hostile world of Azinia. Or even worse, she might end up dead.


Poetry Books


Of Hearts and Souls
By Robin A. Burrows
Release date:
March 2011
Genre: Poetry / General
Summary: Of Hearts and Souls is a collection of free verse poetry written over the past 15 years. It is about the journey of life and the different roads we walk down on that journey. The book includes both short micro-poems for those who prefer their poetry in bite-size snacks and longer more prosaic poetry for the avid poetry reader. Topics range the spectrum of life and form a vivid mosaic of images by the end of the book. The book culminates with a poem written as a wedding present for Robin’s husband.

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Children’s Picture Books


Joey No Tail’s Search for a Home
By Robin A. Burrows
Illustrated by: Tim Robbins (tentative)
Release Date: TBD
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Summary: Joey No Tail is a homeless puppy who lives in a shelter. Each day people who want to adopt a puppy visit the shelter.  All the puppies wag their tails, hoping someone will take them home. But Joey has no tail to wag. He must find other ways to be noticed by potential owners, but his plans always seem to backfire. How will he ever convince a family to take him home?