Science Fiction (#scifi) and Fantasy TV Shows for 2012-2013 (Possible Spoilers)

Wondering what science fiction (scifi) and fantasy tv shows will be on the air in the 2012-2013 season? Me too. So I have compiled a list with plot summaries and my personal notes. I hope you find something fantastic to watch in the upcoming year!

666 Park Avenue – Premiers on Sundays, Fall 2012 on ABC
This show is about The Drake – which is THE place to live in New York. I don’t know much about this show, but based on the trailers, something supernatural is taking place at The Drake. There are also hints of ghosts, and the implication that the owner might be the devil or possessed by a demon.

Alphas – Season 2 starts Monday, July 23 on Syfy
Given all of the cancellations this past year, I was surprised Alphas was renewed. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. It involves a lot of political maneuvering and I prefer relationship or character-oriented shows. It got better towards the end of season 1, and they are bringing in a lot of actors from other shows for appearances in season 2. The show is basically about people born with special super-human powers (Alphas). It focuses on a small group of Alphas that help capture dangerous Alphas for the government. There is a renegade group of Alphas called Red Flag, and there is a lot of intrigue and conspiracy between the two groups. At the end of season 1, the leader of our group of Alphas reveals the existence of Alphas to the world. That will likely lead to some very interesting situations in season 2.

Arrow – Premiers October 10, 2012 on CW
This show is about the comic book character Green Arrow. It sounds like it might be a spin-off of the CW superman tv show, Smallville – which was so successful on CW. But sadly, the actor who played Oliver McQueen/the Green Arrow on Smallville is not playing the character in this new show. :(

Beauty and the Beast – Premiers October 11, 2012 0n CW
We all know the story of Beauty and the Beast. So why watch this reboot of the 80’s tv show? Two words: Kristen Kreuk. She played Lana Lang on Smallville. I have been waiting for her to come back to US tv. I would watch the show just for her. Obviously this story is an epic romance, but we all care about the details and the journey. Kristen plays Catherine Chandler who witnessed her mother’s murder and was almost killed herself, but something or someone saved her. She always thought it was a human, but the cops told her it was an animal. Now Catherine is a homicide detective obsessed with finding the men who murdered her mother. It sounds like this show will take the popular cop/detective dram formula and add the supernatural aspect (of the beast) to it. That formula has been successful for a number of recent shows. Anyway, this is one show I can’t wait to watch!

Being Human – Season 3 starts on January 14, 2013 on Syfy
A vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost share a house and try to be human. There is a UK and a US version of this show. I’ve only seen a bit of the UK show and I found it slow. But I’ve heard the US version revamped the show to make it appeal more to US audiences. It’s on my list of show to eventually try.

Cross Bones – Premiers March 2013 on NBC
It’s 1715 and the golden age of pirates. Tom Lowe, and assassin, is sent to kill Blackbeard, but his task isn’t as straight-forward as it seems.

Defiance – Premiers April 2013 on Syfy
This show is “trying to be innovative”. It is both a tv show and a computer game. Major events in the tv show affect the computer game, and major events in the game affect the tv show. While I like the concept, it sounds more like an advertising ploy than a long-term show. The background story for the show is: An alien race seeks refuge on Earth. When the humans refuse the request, the aliens attack, and also start terraforming the Earth to better fit their living conditions. Ten years later, there is finally a cease-fire, as both races struggle to survive. That’s where the tv show/computer game begins.

Do No Harm – Premiers mid-season 2012-13 on NBC
This is a modern Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde story. Dr Jason Cole is a successful neurosurgeon during the day, but at night he becomes a completely different person: Ian Price.

Drop Dead Diva – Currently airing: Season 4 started June 3, 2012 on Lifetime
This doesn’t sound like a fantasy or scifi tv show, you might say. That’s what I thought at first, too. Based on the title, I thought it would be yet another retelling of the Devil Wears Prada / Ugly Betty plot. And although it does have similarities to those plots, it also adds a supernatural aspect; the main character is dead. Get the title now? Once I knew that, I was hooked. The story is all about a supermodel who dies (Deb), but instead of going to heaven, she ends up in the body of an attorney (Jane) – who looks nothing like a supermodel, but starts acting like one. Oh and the supermodel’s boyfriend works at the same law firm as Jane, but Deb isn’t allowed to tell Grayson that she’s in Jane’s body. This is basically an epic romance setup as a legal drama, with a supernatural twist. But so many of the characters are quirky that it’s really a fun watch. In season 4, Deb/Jane thinks she has finally moved on from Grayson, but Grayson finally starts to notice her and some of the coincidences between Deb’s death and Jane.

Dr. Who (2005) – Season 7 starts August 25, 2012
We are up to how many Dr’s now? This show is about a man who adventures through time in the TARDIS, a machine that looks a lot like a British phone booth. He usually ends up helping with supernatural problems everywhere he goes. I liked the season I watched, but I had trouble moving on to the next season when they changed companions. I’m sure I will eventually get back to this show though.

Elementary – Premiers on September 27, 2012 on CBS
Okay…technically this doesn’t fall into the scifi or fantasy categories…but it is based off an imaginary character. Does that count? This is basically a modern retelling of the Sherlock Holmes stories. Set in New York, Holmes is a recovering addict, recently released from a rehab center and forced to live with a “sober coach,” Dr. Joan Watson. The concept looks to add a bit of humor to the modern Holmes.

Falling Skies – Season 2 currently airing on TNT
Aliens invade Earth, destroying most of the major cities. They hunt the survivors and “harness” the children, turning them into little worker minions – both literally and physically. Falling Skies is about of group of human who fight back – The 2nd Massachusetts – and struggle to survive in the apocalyptic setting. In season 2, we learn more about the 2nd race of aliens who seem to be masters over the “skitters” – the aliens who invaded Earth. There are also rumors of an alien rebellion within the skitter ranks. Each episode gets better and better. If you like hard scifi, this is the show for you this summer.

Fringe – Fridays this Fall on FOX
This show has been renewed for a 5th and final season. It is about a group of agents who handle the “fringe” cases that outside of the norm. It also involves a parallel universe, and the connection between cases in both worlds.

Game of Thrones – Season 3 begins March 31, 2013 on HBO
If you haven’t read the books by George RR Martin, read them. This show is about the politic and intrigue in a medieval type society. Everyone wants power, and when the king dies, the nation divides under potential new kings. However, a greater issue is brewing. The long winter is coming, magic is awakening, and an enemy thought to be long dead, awakens to turn the world into a land of ice with their undead army. While the story is about the politics, it’s also about the characters. There are a lot of interesting characters. My favorite is the dwarf because of his quirky humor. Obviously, the books have been modified by HBO to make anything that would be slightly controversial in the books all that much more sensationalized in the tv show. It’s also a show full of death and war and nudity and sex. But if you don’t mind that, you will love (and hate) the characters and their stories.

Grimm – Season 2 starts Monday, August 13, 2012 on NBC
Take a police detective and make him a “Grimm” – a member of a family of monster-hunters. Then add a city/world full of mythical monsters, and you have the Grimm tv show. Season 1 started out as a “monster of the week” type detective show as the main character learned he was a Grimm and started to learn about the world as a Grimm. Over the course of the season, it became less episodic (which I liked) and added more intrigue between the various “monsters” in the city. There is a lot going on that our protagonist doesn’t know about, and I have high hopes that season 2 will continue the on-going plotlines and keep the monster/case of the day in the background of the episodes. There is so much I want to know about this series, which will hopefully be answered a little more in season 2.

Last Resort – Premiers Thursdays this Fall on ABC
This is about the crew of a submarine who refuse an order to attack Pakistan. They are fired upon and left for dead, so they setup their own sovereign nation (and still have their nuclear weapons). But it sounds like the real story if about them proving their innocence and finding out who set them up so they can go home.

Lost Girl – Season 3 beings January 14, 2013 on Syfy
I didn’t watch this show for a long time because the title and plot summaries I read were misleading. The main character, Bo, is not a girl. She is very much a woman in every way. She is also a sucubus. Bo grew up with a human family. (I think the title refers to how her location was lost when she was a baby.) She didn’t know what she was when her powers manifested, so she travels from town to town accidentally killing people with her powers. One day she stumbles into a town filled with Fae. They recognize her for what she is, and try to make her choose between the dark fae and the light fae. But she chooses to remain neutral (which has never happened before). The other Fae help her learn to control her powers, and she starts a new life. A human saved by Bo and insists they start their own supernatural detective agency to make money, but the show is really about the larger Fae plotlines (mysterious character histories)and the romance between Bo and Dyson (another Fae). There are lots of quirky characters in this series. Lots of sex too. I highly recommend this if you like fantasy or romance. Plus the actress who plays Bo is quite attractive and always fighting someone or another (for those of you who prefer action).

Merlin – Season 5 starts January 4, 2013 on Syfy
This is the story of Merlin as a boy/teen.

Neighbors – Premiers this Fall on ABC
The Weaver family recently bought a home in the gated New Jersey community of Hidden Hills. They come to find out, their neighbors are aliens. This sounds like the premise for a tv show from a few years ago called The Gates (except replace aliens with supernatural and mythical creatures). If it’s anything like The Gates, it might not last the season…but I haven’t seen enough of it to make that determination yet.

Once Upon A Time – Season 2 will air on Sundays, Fall 2012 on ABC
In season 1 fairy tale characters were sent to our world and didn’t remember their pasts as fairy tale characters. An outsider and her son are the only ones who can save the people of Storybrook, Maine. But the protagonist doesn’t believe her son’s story about how everyone in town is a fairy tale character. This show is a lot deeper than it sounds. For example it brings up the psychology of what is really real and how that can vary between people. I didn’t see how their could be a second season if the last episode in season 1 wrapped up the plotline, but at the very end of the episode, something happened that changes everything for the people in Storybrook. They got their memories back, but are stuck in our world…and there is a possibility they might be getting their magic back too in season 2. But even more than that, there are a number of character background question that I’m eagerly awaiting answers. If you haven’t watched this show, watch it right now. :)

Revolution – Premiers on Monday, September 17 on NBC
This is another end of the world series. Something mysterious causes all technology to stop working. The show is set 15 years later, and is about the Matteson family and their search for the source of the blackout and a way to reverse it.

Saving Hope – Currently airing on NBC
On his way to his wedding, Chief of Surgery, Charlie Harris, is in a car crash and ends up in a coma. While in his coma, he wanders the hall as a spirit and helps the spirits of patients while his fiance is also a doctor and helps them in the physical world. It stars Michael Shanks (from Stargate) and Erica Durance (Lois Lane from Smallville). I haven’t watched it yet because I am so sick of medical and legal and cop dramas that add a little supernatural twist to get viewers. But I’ll probably watch it eventually.

Save Me – Premiers on NBC 2012/2013
After a near-death experience Beth, a housewife, has a direct line to God. I couldn’t find much on this series. It’s supposedly a light comedy in sitcom-length episodes.

Supernatural – Season 8 begins October 3, 2012 on CW
Two brother hunt demons..and so much more!

Teen Wolf – Season 2 is currently airing on MTV
The show starts off slow and very teenager-y. But it picks up by the end of the first season. Season 2 starts off with a bang as a former Battle Star Galactica actor joins the cast. I don’t know if they changed writer or producers or what, but the beginning of season 1 is like amiture hour compared to the drama and tension and mystery in season 2.

Touch – 2012/2013 on FOX
I was pleasantly surprised that Touch was renewed. It’s about an autistic boy who doesn’t talk, but communicates in numbers. The boy can also see how everything in the world is interconnected and uses his ability to help multiple interconnected people each episode. There’s so much more to the series than I state here, but the part that really gets me every time is how we as humans must crave the knowledge or need to know we are connected to something greater than ourselves. Each episode is usually really moving as all of the pieces align and fall into place.

True Blood – currently airing on HBO
Vampires, werewolves, fae, and other supernatural creatures in Louisiana. Based off the Sookie Stackhouse books, but sensationalized with the flair of HBO.

Vampire Diaries – Season 4 starts October 11, 2012 on CW
Elana is a human who looks exactly like one of her ancestors, a woman once loved by both Salvador brothers (who are now vampires). The brothers decide to stay in Mystic Falls to compete for Elana’s love. Of course there is lots of intrigue between humans and vampires and other supernatural creatures. At the end of season 3, Elana may have been turned into a vampire (which she never wanted), but with the CW, that’s a cliffhanger that might be completely misleading. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Warehouse 13 – Season 3 begins on Monday, July 23 on Syfy
This show is about a group of secret agents who collect magical objects from all over the world and store them in a special government warehouse. The current warehouse if the 13th one. Season 1 was fairly slow, but season 2 was a lot better. I didn’t feel much for the two main characters in season 1, but I absolutely LOVE all of the side characters. In season 2 the annoying parts of the two main characters were toned down, and we learned a little about the mysteries of the warehouses. The addition of a couple of foil characters also helped season 2. At the of season 2, Warehouse 13 is destroyed in an explosion. That setups an intriguing opening to Season 3, and possibly the chance to learn some more about the mysteries behind the warehouses.

Zero Hour – Premiers midseason 2012-2013 on ABC
When his wife is kidnapped Hank must unravel a conspiracy to save her and the human race. There’s not much on this show yet. There is a compass and clock involved (which may indicate time travel), but there will definitely be adventure and conspiracy. Sounds interesting even if it doesn’t turn out to actually be scifi/fantasy.

***Please note that as television networks change their line-up, this information may become out of date.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out my 2013-2014 post for more about new scifi and fantasy tv shows.

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9 comments on “Science Fiction (#scifi) and Fantasy TV Shows for 2012-2013 (Possible Spoilers)
  1. Stef says:

    Soooo…, where is the successor of Star Trek, Star Gate and Galactica? Seems to me not one of these series has the same potential, fun and action they had. where is the “real” science fiction series to balance out all the werewolve, vampire, ghosthunters and afterlive teenage stuff.?

    • Sadly there isn’t anything. At least not that I’ve seen. The new(er) Battle Star Galactica and Stargate Universe were the most recent scifi/space operas I’ve seen. Falling Skies is aliens taking over the Earth. And Defiance which comes out April 2013 is another aliens and humans co-existing story (link on my most recent blog). But there aren’t any new scifi space shows. :( The market is open and waiting for one to fill the void. I hope someone releases a new one soon.

  2. You missed CONTINUUM… ( set in present day & future Vancouver it’s a time travel / cop story cross over with some pretty cool tech toys and not a bad story line. Plus, as a Canadian and former Vancouver resident (I now live in Alberta next province over) it’s nice to see something filmed in Vancouver call it Vancouver (not L.A. or Seattle…. or “Caprica”). :-)

  3. Marni says:

    Haven, you missed Haven, I love Haven :D Thanks for the list, though

  4. Dan says:


    And Primeval, and Primeval New World. The former can be annoying, but has some good characters… and some you really want to shoot. Plot/continuity may be a bit week in the former. The latter seems to hang together better, and leaves no homicidal moments. That one may have potential…

    Misfits and Warehouse 13 are the best of the current shows, easily. Each is brilliant in its own way. Grimm is pretty good.

    The only thing keeping the protagonists in Walking Dead alive is script immunity. Their incompetence is staggering. At some point, you just have to decide “I don’t care, give them all a Darwin, and check back when they’re all dead”.

    Haven has started to drag, and Fringe is just slow and grim right now. Falling Skies looked a lot like it might turn into another Walking Dead, where everything goes wrong for the convenience of the scriptwriters, and characters’ strengths and weaknesses are tuned to the current instant of the plot. After about 1.5 episodes, it just got too annoying. Where are the smart, competent characters who do the right things (or wrong things) for the right reasons, and make the hard decisions, rather than caving in whenever presented with them? (Hint: dig out W13 and Torchwood, Grimm, Lost Girl, and Primeval New World).

    At least the egregious stupidities of Terra Nova are behind us.

    I really wish they’d pick up Torchwood again.

  5. Dan says:

    As an aside, best characters in SF/TV shows:

    Owsin, Doctor Who

    Munroe, Grimm

    Arty, Claudia and HG Wells, Warehouse 13

    Kensie, Lost Girl

    Abby and Jennifer Lewis, Primeval

    That criminal guy on Haven

    (not current production) Gwen Cooper, Torchwood

  6. koolmichele says:

    Hey folks you probably already know about it but there is always Lexx. It’s a touch old now – but there are 4 seasons with about 20 episodes in each season. This is outlandish, politically incorrect Si-Fi stuff, filled with sex, greed [the human variety] and a twisted red dwarf sense of humour. It is [wiki quote] “A a Canadian and German co-production, with some additional funding from Britain’s Channel 5.” So……………………if you are game – give it a try. And much like red dwarf and The hitch-hikers guide to the universe, there is a weirdo robot as a general character. Check it out via wiki here or ……………….you tube here -on the you tube link, some guy has cut all four seasons into 15 minute vids, so basically, you can watch the lot online!…………Anyway, gotto go, thanks for this fresh Si-Fi input, I will disiminate the good stuff to my uni facebook friends. Thanx again all………………and don’t forget Lexx, it’s hilarious ………..koolmichele.

  7. Kool Michele says:

    Hi. just fished watching continuum and falling skies series 1 and 2 / and 1, 2 , and 3 respectively. . Brilliant folks. Thanks a heap for mentioning them here .
    In great thanks and appreciation…………koolmichele. <3

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