Science Fiction (#scifi) and Fantasy TV Shows for 2013-2014

Science Fiction (#scifi) and Fantasy TV Shows for 2013-2014 Wondering what science fiction (scifi) and fantasy tv shows will be on the air in the 2013-2014 season? Me too. So I have compiled a list with plot summaries and my personal notes. I hope you find something fantastic to watch in the upcoming year!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Scifi/Fantasy – ABC – Season 1 premiers September 24, 2013
This is Agent Cole’s superhero task force. The tv show is written by Joss Whedon, so it’s sure to be an edge-of-your-seat ride. I can’t wait!

Almost Human – Scifi/police drama – Fox – Season 1 premier on November 4, 2013
It’s 35 years in the future. A LAPD detective who hates robots is paired up with a life-like android with emotions.

Arrow – Scifi/Drama – CW – 2nd Season starts October 9, 2013
This show is about the comic book character Green Arrow. It’s a CW Show, so it’s more about the drama and relationships than the action. If you like that, you’ll like this show. If not, you probably won’t.

Beauty and the Beast – Scifi/Romance – CW – 2nd Season starts October 7, 2013
Vincent (the beast) is a genetically manipulated super-human. Catherine (Kristen Kreuk) is the daughter of the woman who created him for the army. Muirfield is the government agency who wants to cover up their mistake by eliminating all of the super-soldiers. Drama and romance ensues. The first season started off slow, but if you like romance, it will pull you in.

Being Human (US) – Scifi/Drama – Syfy – Season 4 starts winter/spring 2014
A vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost share a house and try to be human. There is a UK and a US version of this show. I’ve only seen a bit of the UK show and I found it slow. But I’ve heard the US version revamped the show to make it appeal more to US audiences. It’s on my list of show to eventually try.

Believe – Scifi/Fantasy – NBC – Premiers midseason 2013-2014
This is the story of a girl born with uncontrollable powers and the prisoner who must serve as her protector as they avoid those who want the girl for evil purposes.

Big Bang Theory – Comedy/Scifi – CBS – Season 7 premiers – September 26, 2013
A sitcom about geeks.

Continuum – Scifi – SyFy – Season 2 premiers on June 5, 2013 & renewed for 3rd season.
A female cop from 2077 follows a group of terrorists back in time to 2012. She must hide her identity from the locals and avoid changing the timeline while she hunts the terrorist. Lots of intrigue and plot twists. I won’t give anything away.

Cross Bones – Adventure – NBC – Mid-Season Premier, late 2013/early 2014
It’s 1715 and the golden age of pirates. Tom Lowe, and assassin, is sent to kill Blackbeard, but his task isn’t as straight-forward as it seems.

The Dark Tower – Fantasy – HBO – Rumored to be in production
A tv show based off of the Steven King books

Defiance – Scifi/Fantasy – Syfy – Season 2 premiers Spring 2014.
A human and his adopted alien daughter stumble upon the civilized city of Defiance in post-war St Louis. The story is about the characters and the world as humans and aliens struggle together to survive. The show is also a tie-in to a computer game with the same name. The show stands-alone well without the game. It is one of my favorite scifi shows of 2013.

Dracula – Fantasy/thriller/drama – NBC – Premiers October 25, 2013
The story of Dracula in the 19th Century as electricity begins to spread. He plans revenge on those who cursed him with immortality, but things become complicated when he meets a woman who appears to be the reincarnation of his dead wife.

Drop Dead Diva – Paranormal/Legal/Drama/Romance – Lifetime – Season 5 started June 23, 2013
This doesn’t sound like a fantasy or scifi tv show, you might say. That’s what I thought at first, too. Based on the title, I thought it would be yet another retelling of the Devil Wears Prada / Ugly Betty plot. And although it does have similarities to those plots, it also adds a supernatural aspect; the main character is dead. Get the title now? Once I knew that, I was hooked. The story is all about a supermodel who dies (Deb), but instead of going to heaven, she ends up in the body of an attorney (Jane) – who looks nothing like a supermodel, but starts acting like one. Oh and the supermodel’s boyfriend works at the same law firm as Jane, but Deb isn’t allowed to tell Grayson that she’s in Jane’s body. This is basically an epic romance setup as a legal drama, with a supernatural twist. But so many of the characters are quirky that it’s really a fun watch. In season 4, Deb/Jane thinks she has finally moved on from Grayson, but Grayson finally starts to notice her and some of the coincidences between Deb’s death and Jane.

Dr. Who (2005) – Scifi – BBC America – Season 8 airs in 2014 with a special on November 23, 2013
Dr. Who is a time lord who adventures through time and space in the TARDIS, a time machine that looks like a British police box on the outside and a space ship on the inside. He is drawn to anomalies in time and battles supernatural enemies everywhere he goes.

Falling Skies – Scifi – TNT – 3rd Season starts June 9, 2013
Aliens invade Earth, destroying most of the major cities. They hunt the survivors and “harness” the children, turning them into little worker minions – both literally and physically. Falling Skies is about of group of human who fight back – The 2nd Massachusetts – and struggle to survive in the apocalyptic setting. If you like hard scifi, this is the show for you this summer.

Game of Thrones – Fantasy – HBO –  Season 4 begins Spring 2014
If you haven’t read the books by George RR Martin, read them. This show is about the politic and intrigue in a medieval type society. Everyone wants power, and when the king dies, the nation divides under potential new kings. However, a greater issue is brewing. The long winter is coming, magic is awakening, and an enemy thought to be long dead, awakens to turn the world into a land of ice with their undead army. While the story is about the politics, it’s also about the characters. There are a lot of interesting characters. My favorite is the dwarf because of his quirky humor. Obviously, the story has been modified by HBO to make anything that would be slightly controversial in the books all that much more sensationalized in the tv show. It’s also a show full of death and war and nudity and sex. But if you don’t mind that, you will love (and hate) the characters and their stories.

Grimm – Urban Fantasy – NBC – Season 3 starts October 25, 2013
Take a police detective and make him a “Grimm” – a member of a family of monster-hunters. Then add a city/world full of mythical monsters, and you have the Grimm tv show. Season 1 started out as a “monster of the week” type detective show as the main character learned he was a Grimm and started to learn about the world as a Grimm. Over the course of the season, it became less episodic (which I liked) and added more intrigue between the various “monsters” in the city. There is a lot going on that our protagonist doesn’t know about. Season 2 was awesome with more consecutive plotlines. I have high hopes for season 3.

Haven – Supernatural/Scifi – SyFy – Season 4 begins September 13, 2013
Haven is a small town with a big secret. It is a refuge for the Troubled – people with superpowers. But not the good kind; the kind that always cause some sort of disaster. Our protagonist has a mysterious past intertwined with periods of troubles in the town. She works with the local police station to handle incidents as she slowly uncovers her past and destiny.

Lost Girl – Fantasy/Romance/Action – Syfy – Season 4 beings January 2014
I didn’t watch this show for a long time because the title and plot summaries I read were misleading. The main character, Bo, is not a girl. She is very much a woman in every way. She is also a sucubus. Bo grew up with a human family. (I think the title refers to how her location was lost when she was a baby.) She didn’t know what she was when her powers manifested, so she travels from town to town accidentally killing people with her powers. One day she stumbles into a town filled with Fae. They recognize her for what she is, and try to make her choose between the dark fae and the light fae. But she chooses to remain neutral (which has never happened before). The other Fae help her learn to control her powers, and she starts a new life. A human saved by Bo insists they start their own supernatural detective agency to make money, but the show is really about the larger Fae plotlines (mysterious character histories) and the romance between Bo and Dyson (another Fae). There are lots of quirky characters in this series. Lots of sex too. I highly recommend this if you like fantasy or romance. Plus the actress who plays Bo is quite attractive and always fighting someone or another (for those of you who prefer action). I also hear there will be lots of interesting guest stars this season including George Takai (from Star Trek).

The Neighbors – Scifi /Comedy– ABC – Season 2 premiers September 20, 2013
The Weaver family recently bought a home in the gated New Jersey community of Hidden Hills. They come to find out, their neighbors are all aliens. This sitcom with aliens has some funny moments and some that fall flat. Lots of the best moments involve great lines coming out of the mouths of the younger children.

Once Upon A Time – Fantasy – ABC – Season 3 premiers September 29, 2013
In season 1 fairy tale characters were sent to our world and didn’t remember their pasts as fairy tale characters. An outsider and her son are the only ones who can save the people of Storybrook, Maine. Season 2 is about the tension between characters when they regain their memories and a little magic. At the beginning of Season 4 the primary cast set sail for Neverland to save Henry.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – Fantasy – ABC – Seaon 1 premiers October 10, 2013
From the writers of Once Upon a Time, this spin-off is about new fairy tale characters in Wonderland. The previews make it looks like it’s an Alice in Wonderland story with star-crossed lovers, and everyone thinks Alice is insane. It will be a great fantasy if it’s anything the original series.

The Originals – Fantasy – CW – Season 1 premiers October 15, 2013
This show is a spin-off series about the Original vampires from The Vampire Diaries. Klaus moves to New Orleans to investigate a witch trying to kill him and decides to stay to reclaim his city. Double the vampires, witches, and werewolves! I’m sad for Caroline and Klaus though. Maybe there will be some cross-over episodes. I hope they find a way to make Klaus a more likable character since he’s the main character…because he’s about as likable as Theon Greyjoy without Caroline at his side.

Reign – Historical Drama (Fantasy maybe?) – CW – Season 1 premiers October 17, 2013
This looks like a historical drama/romance about Queen Mary of Scotland. But if it is anything like popular CW shows, there will be something supernatural about it. Or it could be I just added this to the list as fantasy for all of the beautiful actors.

Resurrection – Fantasy/Scifi – ABC – premiers midseason 2013-2014
A boy is found in China and returned home, only to discover he died over 30 years ago. But he appears to be the same boy who died. How is he suddenly alive again and unchanged in the past 30 years?

Revolution – Scifi/Post-Apocalypse – NBC – Season 2 premiers September 25, 2013
This is another end of the world series like Jerico without bombs (so far). Something mysterious causes the power to go out around the globe, and people live the best they can without technology. Governments fall and reform. The first season ends with a cliffhanger. The fate of 2 governments and whether the world will regain electricity hang in the balance.

Saving Hope – Supernatural medical drama – Season 2 began on June 25, 2013 on Canadian tv. No word on whether any US tv stations will pick it up yet. NBC aired the first season. On his way to his wedding, Chief of Surgery, Charlie Harris, is in a car crash and ends up in a coma. While in his coma, he wanders the hall as a spirit and helps the spirits of patients while his fiancé, who is also a doctor, helps them in the physical world. It stars Michael Shanks (from Stargate) and Erica Durance (Lois Lane from Smallville). I’m not overly fond of medical dramas, but the supernatural elements pulled me into this series. It’s a very heart-warming show.

Sleepy Hollow – Supernatural fantasy/mystery/thriller – Fox – Premiers on September 16, 2013
This is a modern retelling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman come back to life in our modern world.

Star-Crossed – Scifi – CW – Premiers MidSeason 2013-2014
Alien students enter a human school and one falls in love with a human? It’s hard to tell much from previews yet.

Supernatural – Scifi/fantasy – CW – Season 8 begins October 9, 2013
Two brother hunt demons..and so much more!

Teen Wolf – Fantasy – MTV – Season 3 premiers June 3, 2013. Part B premiers January 6, 2014.
The first season starts off slow and very teenager-y. But it picks up by the end of the first season. Season 2 begins with a bang as a former Battle Star Galactica actor joins the cast and goes on to a great season full of on-the-edge-of-your-seat tension.

Tomorrow People – Scifi – CW – Premiers October 9, 2013
Humans with super-human abilities.

True Blood – Fantasy – HBO – Season 6 premiered June 16, 2013
Vampires, werewolves, fae, and other supernatural creatures in Louisiana. Based off the Sookie Stackhouse books, but sensationalized with the flare of HBO.

Vampire Diaries – Fantasy/Romance/Drama – CW – Season 5 starts October 10, 2013
Elana was a human who looks exactly like one of her ancestors, loved by both Salvador brothers (vampires). Now she is a vampire too. This show is full of vampires, werewolves, witches, romance, and drama.

Warehouse 13 – Scifi – Syfy – Season 4.5 aired summer 2013. A short season 5 is planned for 2014 to wrap up the series.
This show is about a group of secret agents who collect magical objects from all over the world and store them in a special government warehouse. The current warehouse if the 13th one. This series has stretches of wonderful episodes and then stretches of “artifact-of-the-day” episodes. I think more long-term plots would have helped it. A short season 5 in 2014 is rumored to be the last season.

***Please note that as television networks change their line-up, this information may become out of date.


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  1. Chris Adams says:

    Your description of doctor who is inaccurate and vague I am sorry to say. He is an alien timelord nearly 1000 years old who when he dies regenerates back to life with a new face and personality, he has a timemachine/ spaceship infinately larger inside than outside,that can disguise itself but is stuck in the form of a old fashioned British police box( not phone booth as these are completely different) He repeatedly battles to save human and aliens alike from dangerous and evil villains from earth and the rest of the universe, continuously drawn to anomilies in time by his blue box… Thanks for your time I hope your description will be altered accordingly to reflect the true nature of the show…

    • romana says:

      i agree with Chris Adams and also think the description is changed i would also like to add that DOCTOR WHO was one of the first shows of its kind and has run on and off for the last 50 years no other shows other then star trek can boast that

  2. dotosklo says:

    Firefly, Stargate series, Battlestar series… that is scifi… space opera is dead… sad times :(

  3. Steve says:

    Umm… I think you are missing a HUGE Sci Fi series… Ever hear of Orphan Black? Trumps all these shows for sure

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